Specialty Services

Additional value-added services are available for customers who need them. We have in-house certified professionals who help with custom iron formulations and work with local 3rd party professionals for additional specialty services.

Specialty Coatings & Paint

Each casting we create is eligible for specialty coatings and paint. Different coatings offer different benefits. Some examples include abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, electrical resistance, easy cleaning and more. We utilize third-party partners to meet a variety of specifications.

Coatings we offer:

  • Powder Coating
  • E-Coat
  • Galvanizing
Franklin Iron powder coating
Franklin Iron inventory management

Inventory Management / Part Availability

Our inventory management comes down to ensuring our customers are getting the parts they need within the timeframe they require. We keep a schedule with an allotment for certain capacities each month according. Each pattern is stored on site for immediate retrieval when an order is placed.

Specialty & Custom Iron Formulations

We have an in-house metallurgist who determines the number of alloys we need to add to the metal and checks this chemistry regularly.

Franklin Iron speciality services
Franklin Iron castings shipping

Fast Turnaround / Emergency Delivery

Our team strives to provide a fast turnaround for every product. We usually work within a timeframe of eight weeks from the order being placed to the final product. However, for emergency needs, we offer a two-week expedited option for a small fee.

Chemical & Physical Component Certification

Chemical and physical component certification is available for customers who request it.

For each casting we create, we pour a ‘test bar’ that travels with the castings through the whole production process. At the end of the production process, we examine the test bar, to ensure the results represent the lot of castings it was produced with.

We provide in-house certification, but there are 3rd party options if a customer requests it.

Franklin Iron testing

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