Completed ductile iron castings go through multiple finishing processes, including optional in-house heat treatment, grinding, machining and assembly. For additional finishing processes such as machining, we work with local partners to ensure quality without delaying delivery times.

In-House Heat Treatment

In-house heat treatment is available at both our facilities. The castings go through a gas-fire furnace where the metal is softened to a lower grade of ductile iron, increasing the flexibility of the casting. Customers in the power distribution and water works sectors utilize heat-treated iron as its flexibility and stretch allows the castings to flex and warp to hold in place.

Franklin Iron annealing furnace

Automated & Manual Grinding

Each casting we create goes through the grinding process to remove sharp edges left behind by the casting process. The castings are put through either automated or manual grinding. 

Once grinding is complete, a final inspection is performed before the pieces go on in the creation process.

Franklin Iron grinding and finishing

Automated & Manual Grinding Gallery


For castings requiring machining, we offer both in-house machining and partner with local machining shops. Our team assesses each machining project to decide if we can complete it in-house. If the project is too complex, we work with local machining shops.

Once machining is completed, the castings can be returned to our facility for final inspection before being shipped to the customer.

Franklin Iron casting machining

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