Four Generations of Ductile Iron Manufacturing Excellence.

Franklin Iron is a ductile iron foundry with two locations in Alabama. We’ve produced all grades of ductile iron for more than 45 years.

At Franklin Iron, we pride ourselves in providing customers high-quality castings with exception service at competitive prices. Our Quality Guarantee ensures customers are getting the best-quality casting for their unique purposes.

Core Values

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At Franklin Iron, we understand that quality is a must in everything we do. We take pride in our work, ensuring our customers get the highest quality casting. Our team increases the number of castings we produce for each order by 10% so we can be picky with what castings we allow through our quality control. This ensures the final casting is exactly what you need. If something is misaligned or doesn’t work, send the product back for assessment. Continuous improvement is our daily motto to ensure we achieve complete customer satisfaction.

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Family-Owned and Operated

Franklin Iron is rooted in three generations of family ownership that focused on putting the customer first and delivering quality products in a timely manner. Today, that 45 years of combined experience is deepened with the backing and support of Elyton Capital and Druid Capital.

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Customer Service

We understand that on-time delivery is imperative to our customers. Open and honest communication ensures our customers receive their product on the set delivery date.


Create Long-Term Relationships

Whether you’re running 100 castings or 10,000 castings per year, you’re important to us. We value relationships and always seek to create long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers based on trust and delivering on what we promise.

The Franklin Iron Story



Manly Tommie and his wife, June Tommie, founded the Tommie Corporation.


Growth & Expansion

By the early 90s, Tommie Corporation added five new plant additions.


A New Company is Forged

Allen Franklin, Mr. Tommie’s son-in-law, and his wife formed Franklin Iron Works, Inc.


Focused Growth

Franklin Iron Aliceville Facility

Allen and Peggy acquire Alabama Casting in Aliceville, AL.


New Beginnings

Franklin Iron Works circa 2000s

Franklin Iron Works takes over production for Tommie Corporation.


The Next Generation

Travis Vines and his wife, Kellyn (Franklin) Vines, take over Franklin Iron Works as acting President and Controller.


Foundation for the Future

Franklin Iron adds Sinto Machine

Franklin Iron Works adds SINTO molding line in Thorsby.



Franklin Iron acquisition

Franklin Iron Works is acquired by Druid and Elyton Capital and makes a name change to Franklin Iron.


Continued Growth

Franklin Iron Thorsby Facility

Franklin Iron adds another furnace to its Thorsby, AL location, offering customers additional peace of mind that castings will be done quickly and efficiently.

Green Initiatives

Franklin Iron metal recycling

Iron foundries are inherently some of the world’s largest recyclers, in that our raw material is 100% recycled steel scrap.

We continuously monitor air emissions and runoff water to ensure we meet ADEM standards.

We also monitor in-house air to ensure we meet OSHA silica standards.

Why Franklin Iron?

From lead times to delivery to building a relationship you can count on.